60k creepy cash

October 2022

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halloween bash

Saturday, October 29 • 12pm & 6:30pmMatinee 2 regular games pay $750
with a $500 consolation
Buy-ins start at $30
Evening regular games pay $1,199
with an $1,199 consolation
Buy-ins start at $50

Bingo Ball Lotto 1

Begins Wednesday, October 12 • 12pm & 6:30pmPurchase the $10 Lotto Pack to receive 75 star cards starting
October 1 and earn drawing tickets for the Bingo Ball Lotto on select Wednesdays in October.
Match four numbers out of six to win the Jackpot.
Matinee 2 Lotto Jackpot starts at $5,000
Evening Lotto Jackpot starts at $10,000

30k wicked

$5,000 Matinee 2 Drawings
Select Sundays, October 9 & 23
$5,000 Evening Drawings
Wednesdays in October • 6:30pm

must go

Every Sunday in October • 6:30pm
Every Sunday, one Evening special will pay
a MUST GO amount of $2,500

30k halloween

Saturday, October 1 • 12pm & 6:30pm
$30 Halloween Party Level 1 paying $750
$60 Halloween Party Level 2 paying $1,000
Plus, purchase up to four $60
Back to Bingo Packs for future use.

monster cash

Select Saturdays,
October 8 & 22 • 4pm

10 regular games paying $1,000

higher matinee

Every Wednesday and Thursday
in October • 10:30am & 12pm
Wednesdays: Matinee 1 regular games pay $500
Matinee 2 regular games pay $1,000
Thursdays: Matinee 1 and 2 regular games pay $800

monster ball

Sundays-Fridays in October
12pm & 6:30pm

Buy the $10 Monster Ball Pack to receive 75 electronic star cards. Plus, earn drawing tickets for a chance to win a share of up to $6,000 in the Monster Ball Drawing on Sunday, October 30 in the 6:30pm Session.

monday hot seat

Mondays in October
12pm & 6:30pm
Receive a Hot Seat number with your buy-in for a chance to win a free machine loaded with a Hot Seat Pack.

good neighbor

Sundays in October
12pm & 6:30pm

Players sitting to the immediate right and immediate left of a Bingo winner receive a free Good Neighbor Pack for future use.

pumpkin patch

Mondays and Thursdays in October • 12pm & 6:30pm
Jackpot starts at $500. Jackpot is a MUST GO on Monday, October 31.

holiday higher

Indigenous People’s Day, Monday, October 10<
Halloween, Monday, October 31

Matinee 1 & 2 regular games pay $800 Evening regular games will pay $1,199 Mondays and Thursdays in October • 12pm & 6:30pm
Jackpot starts at $500. Jackpot is a MUST GO on Monday, October 31.