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Nuestra Comida

Comida asiática clásica y contemporánea en un ambiente cómodo y moderno.

Un diseño moderno contemporáneo con una influencia natural y orgánica en un espacio interior para 50 asientos.

Nuestro Horario

  • Domingo 11am–11pm
  • Lunes 11am–11pm
  • Martes 11am–11pm
  • Miércoles 11am–11pm
  • Jueves 11am–11pm
  • Viernes 11am–1am
  • Sábado 11am–1am

Nuestro Menú

Classic and contemporary Asian fare

Modern contemporary design with an organic and natural influence

with an Indoor Seating Capacity of 50 Seats.

Menú de Ginger Noodle


  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls $6.50

    (2) Shrimp, pork, rice noodle, lettuce, bean sprout and mint wrapped in rice paper with peanut butter sauce

  • Vegetable Egg Rolls $6

    (2) Crispy egg rolls, sweet chili dipping Sauce

  • Chicken Lettuce Wraps $9

    (3) Lettuce wraps, savory chicken, crispy rice noodles

  • Tofu Lettuce Wraps $9

    (3) Lettuce wraps, tofu, vegetables, crispy rice noodles

  • Fried Lumpia Shanghai $9

    (5) Filipino Spring Rolls with ground beef, shrimp, water chestnut, carrot, and green onion. Served with Sweet Chili Sauce

  • Firecracker Shrimp $9

    (4) Tail-on shrimp wrapped in wonton skins and fried crispy. Served with sweet chili sauce

  • Filipino Chicken Skewers $7

    (4) Filipino style barbecue chicken skewers

  • Hot and Sour Soup $5

    Chinese soup with black mushroom, tofu, bamboo shoot and egg

  • Egg Drop Soup $5

    Chinese soup with fried wonton and egg


  • Yang Chow Fried Rice $13

    Fried rice with Chinese sausage, shrimp, barbecue pork, egg, peas and carrot

  • Spicy Thai Fried Rice $12

    Fried Rice mixed with basil, Thai chili, chicken breast, bell peppers and onions and egg


  • House Lo Mein $11

    Vegetable $11
    Chicken $12
    Beef $12
    Shrimp $13.50

  • Thai Style Drunken Noodles $12

    Chow fun noodles wok fried with basil, tomato, chicken breast, egg, Thai chili and yuchoy

  • Seafood Pan Fried Noodles $15

    Crispy noodles topped with shrimp, mussels, scallop, imitation crab, bean sprout and green onion. Served in Chinese wine sauce

  • Pad Thai $12

    Chicken $12.00
    Beef $12.00
    Shrimp $13.50

Additional Soup Condiments

  • Extra Broth $2
  • Extra Noodles $3
  • Boiled Egg $2
  • Adobo Pulled Chicken and Pork $5
  • Kimchi $3
  • Sunomono $3
  • Pork Riblet $5
  • Pickled Cucumber $3
  • Beef Short Rib $7


  • Mango Pudding $4.50
  • Matcha Green Tea Roll $6

    Matcha green tea cake, filled with cream, coconut cream, dusted with powder sugar


  • Pho Bo $10

    Sliced beef, beef broth, pho noodles topped with onion. Bean sprout, basil, jalapeno and lime served on the side

  • Pho Ga $10

    Chicken breast, beef broth, pho noodles topped with onion. Bean sprout, basil, jalapeno and lime served on the side

  • Tonkotsu Ramen $11

    Creamy pork-base soup with corn, boiled egg, seaweed, fishcake, and sliced charshu pork

  • Shoyu Ramen $11

    Pork broth flavored with soy sauce bamboo, boiled egg, seaweed, fishcake and sliced charshu pork

  • Conge $7

    Chicken $7
    Pork with Century Egg $8

Specialty Dishes
Served with Steamed Rice

  • Scallion Ginger Grilled Lobster $40

    Ginger, garlic, citrus, soy and scallion marinated lobster tails. Grilled and served with Asian slaw.

  • General Tso’s Chicken $14

    Wok fried chicken tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce

  • Kalbi Ribs $15

    Korean style barbecue short rib

  • Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs $13

    Wok fried pork ribs tossed in a sweet and sour sauce

  • Chicken and Pork Adobo $13

    Vinegar marinated protein, soy sauce, garlic and black peppercorn

  • Bo Luc Lac* $18

    Diced rib-eye tossed in a garlic butter black pepper sauce

  • Tempura Cod $16

    Crispy cod, wok-fried carrots, bok choy, sprouts

  • Chicken Katsu $14

    Panko crusted chicken breast, katsu sauce

  • Vegetable Tofu Stew $13

    Wok fried tofu with snow peas, winter bamboo, carrot and shitake mushroom in a soy mushroom sauce

Beverages Non-Alcoholic

  • Soda $2.50
  • Coffee $2.50
  • Tea $2.50
  • Milk Tea Boba $3.50
  • Bottled Soda $3
  • Still/Sparkling Water $2

Beverages Alcoholic

  • Domestic $5
  • Import $6
  • Draft-16oz $5–$6
  • Sake $8
  • Cutwater Cocktails $8

    Margarita $8
    Vodka Mule $8

  • Underwood Wine $9

    Pinot Gris $9
    Rosé $9

*El consumo de carnes, aves, pescados, mariscos o huevos crudos o poco cocidos puede incrementar tu riesgo de contraer enfermedades transmitidas por los alimentos, especialmente si padeces ciertas condiciones médicas.


  • 5000 Willows Road Alpine, CA 91901
  • 619.659.1995
  • Sun–Thu: 11am–11pm
    Fri–Sat: 11am–1am