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Our electronic-check cashing service provides players with the capability to access funds directly from their personal checking accounts. Establishing an electronic-check cashing limit through Pavilion Payments, VIP Preferred is a rapid process, requiring the presentation of a personal check or manual entry of your personal checking account routing and account number and a valid driver’s license at any Casino Cage, ensuring a seamless and secure financial transaction. Once established enjoy FREE instant access to electronic-check cashing from any of our Pavilion Payments Kiosks and Casino Cages. *Subject to approval by Pavilion Payments, Inc.

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At Viejas Casino & Resort, we provide strategically positioned venues for Pavilion Payments debit/credit withdrawals, offering a seamless process to access cash conveniently dispersed across the gaming floor. We invite you to experience this service at your convenience.


Empowering you to elevate your gaming experience, our Debit Card Advance feature extends an opportunity for players to withdraw cash amounts surpassing the daily limit imposed by their financial institution for ATM transactions. A PIN number is necessary for this service, and we cordially invite you to obtain further details at any of our Casino Cages.


Offering an enhanced avenue for an enjoyable gaming experience, our Credit Card Advance opportunity enables our valued players to seamlessly access their approved credit card limit without the need for a PIN number. This swift and hassle-free option ensures a prompt start to thrilling gaming fun and is conveniently accessible at any of our Casino Cages.


Convert your Mexican Pesos or Canadian Dollars into U.S. Dollars with utmost convenience. Stay informed about the latest daily exchange rates, prominently displayed at every Casino Cage.


Wire transfers are exclusive privileges reserved for select myViejas VIP guests. Uncover the exceptional benefits tailored just for you by consulting with your dedicated Casino Host or visiting the Casino Cage for detailed information.

All Financial transaction are subject to approval and valid government issued ID is required.
For further information visit the Casino Cage during your next visit.