Sycamore & Willow Conference Centers

Sycamore & Willow

Sycamore & Willow at Viejas Casino & Resort

Multi-function Conference Centers

The Sycamore and Willow Rooms can each accommodate up to 180 attendees for conference and seminar purposes. Each room can also be divided into two separate rooms to optimize attention to a variety of group projects. And each room opens onto outdoor patios to extend group space and pleasantly enhance the ambience of the setting.

Our use of cutting-edge UVC Technology provides a “hospital clean” environment for our Guests and Team Members.

UVC Technology is the most efficient and advanced medical-grade cleaning methodology available.

More effective than a topical spray which may only provide a liquid barrier, UVC treatment actually kills viruses and eradicates pathogenic microorganisms.

UVC disinfectant tech is 100% safe. Treated surfaces are immediately ready for normal use

Viejas is deploying this UVC Technology daily, throughout the property, to thoroughly disinfect the air, surface areas, and objects—including shuttle busses, tables, slots, chips, cards, and much more.

So once again, welcome back to Viejas Casino & Resort. Let’s play!

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