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Viejas Enterprises is committed to attracting suppliers that provide us with high quality products and services, when we need them, at competitive pricing and advantageous terms. Such suppliers enable us to exceed the expectations of our own customers, delivering significant and tangible value resulting in our mutual growth.

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We welcome your inquiries to learn more about Viejas Enterprises and invite you to register as a potential supplier.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Viejas Enterprises. The information you provide below will be used to evaluate your company’s ability to provide products or services to Viejas but will not automatically qualify your company as a Viejas Enterprise supplier.
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Viejas Enterprises invites all prospective suppliers to contact its Purchasing Department for an initial meeting to discuss opportunities. For more information on becoming a Viejas supplier, please contact Viejas Purchasing Department at

Appointments to meet with the Purchasing Department are Required.

No chemical samples are permitted.

Our use of cutting-edge UVC Technology provides a “hospital clean” environment for our Guests and Team Members.

UVC Technology is the most efficient and advanced medical-grade cleaning methodology available.

More effective than a topical spray which may only provide a liquid barrier, UVC treatment actually kills viruses and eradicates pathogenic microorganisms.

UVC disinfectant tech is 100% safe. Treated surfaces are immediately ready for normal use

Viejas is deploying this UVC Technology daily, throughout the property, to thoroughly disinfect the air, surface areas, and objects—including shuttle busses, tables, slots, chips, cards, and much more.

So once again, welcome back to Viejas Casino & Resort. Let’s play!

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