EZ Lotto


9pm: $25,000 CASH WINNER*
10pm: 5 X $1,000 CASH WINNERS
11pm: 100 X $50 CASH WINNERS


That’s 206 WINNERS!

Every Wednesday and Saturday Night

• Match 5 numbers and Win the Jackpot!
• Match 4 numbers and Win $25 Free Play Cash
• Match 3 numbers and Win $5 Free Play Cash

*Guaranteed $25,000 second chance drawing added to 10pm
(if no 9pm winners)

Must be present to win
Get an additional lottery ticket for every 50 based points earned


EZ to Play, EZ to Win, EZ for You!


Promotional Rules

• Guests can swipe at the kiosk for one (1) free entry every day.

• Additional entries can be earned for every fifty (50) base points earned within the promotional week.

• The promotional week will be from 9:05pm on Saturday to 8:45pm the following Saturday.

• Entries are only valid for the Wednesday and Saturday drawings held within that promotional week.

• Guests will earn entries into the lottery and pick their numbers at the kiosk.

• Weekly Lottery Prize Structure: Match 3=$5 FPC o Match 4=$25 FPC o Match 5=Jackpot!

• EZ Lotto Jackpot starts at $25,000 and will increase by $5,000 for the 10:00pm drawing, if the jackpot is not hit at 9:00pm, capped at $30,000. Then the prize will reset at $25,000 for the following promotion date for all subsequent weeks.

• Once a ticket is redeemed for a prize, or placed in the second chance drum, that same ticket cannot be used for any other drawing.

• The jackpot winner’s first name, last initial and V Club number will be displayed on the promotional screens along with the winning numbers.

• Jackpot winner must be present and will have fifteen (15) minutes to claim their prize at the Promotional Stage.

• Winners of the three (3) and four (4) number matches may redeem their prizes at any slot machines after the drawing. Winners must redeem the prize within 24 hours of the prize being issued or they forfeit their prize