Santa’s New Ride

We are giving away 2 brand new
Ford Mustang GT Convertibles!
Drawing this Saturday December 9, at 9pm
Earning period November 29 – December 30.
Increase Your Chances of Winning!

Earn 1 Entry ticket for every 100 Base Points. Plus, earn a progressive entry multiplier for entry tickets into Santa’s New Ride for each day of play starting every Wednesday!

The daily progressive will always start at 2X on the first day and will progress to the next level of multiplier on the following day of play. If a participant has a break in days, but plays again during the same week they will receive the next progressive multiplier.

Visit the V Club for complete details.

The first promotional week starts on Wednesday, November 29th at 12am and will end on Saturday, December 2 at 8:45pm. Each following promotional week will begin on Sunday at 12am and will end on Saturday at 8:45pm. In order to activate a V Club member’s entry tickets one must have active  play between 6pm – 8:45pm and for Bingo players a buy-in session must be started between 3pm – 8:45pm on  each drawing day. All entry tickets will be emptied from the virtual drum at the conclusion of each drawing.

Drawings will start at 9pm each Saturday. 10 V Club members will be drawn and will have 15 minutes to claim their seats. Players will select their prize in the order of how their names were drawn. If the Grand Prize is not won at 9pm, there will be a redraw for all unclaimed prizes at 10pm. If the Grand Prize is not won at 9pm or 10pm it will roll over to the next drawing day. If the Grand Prize is not won at 9pm or 10pm on the last drawing day, there will be a redraw every 15 minutes until it is won.