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Unparalleled guest services makes Viejas one of the best casinos in San Diego County.

If you’re browsing online for a “casino near me” then look no further than Viejas for the amazing service given by our amazing team of Casino Hosts!
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Saad Afifa

Executive Casino Host

If you ask Saad what brings a smile to his face, he’ll immediately mention his wife and 7-year old Joseph. After them, meeting new people and always dressed to the nines is his second passion. Life has taught Saad everything he needs to know about being a Executive Host. He started his career in Qatar as a Public Relations Executive. It was at that time he knew he’d found what he wanted to do for his career, make Guests feel like they’ve reached the pinnacle of luxurious service. Saad knows that creating a perfect balance between work and family is what matters, with the occasional joke, he truly knows how to have a great time. When not at work, Saad will normally be traversing the outdoors with his family and hopefully meeting a new friend and causing them to smile from ear to ear.

Phone: 619.494.4797

Denise Website 1200x1200 1

Denise Buggert

Executive Casino Host

Denise was born in Chicago but has called San Diego home for most of her life. She has also called her passion to the gaming industry for more than two-decades after starting out as a Club Host. Denise quickly rose the ranks from a Club Supervisor to becoming a VIP Host. Here at Viejas Casino & Resort, she’s ecstatic to begin as an Executive Host and bring so many years of experience to San Diego’s premier gaming resort. Many have stated that Denise’s bubbly and empathetic personality makes it easy for her to create long-lasting relationships with Guests and Team Members. In the end, Denise loves providing that amazing service that she’s famous for and can’t wait to bring it to the floor of Viejas. In her spare time, you can catch Denise at a local trail hiking with her wife and five children.

Phone: 619.919.2097

Suzanne Ferreri Website 1200x1200 1

Suzanne Ferreri

Executive Casino Host

Suzanne is originally from Youngstown, Ohio, where she worked in the salon/beauty industry and received her cosmetology license. Suzanne then jumped into the gaming industry and had managerial roles in Casino Cage/Credit and Players Club. Yet she quickly found her true passion in Player Development and Hosting. In 2016, Suzanne packed up and jettisoned the midwest for sunny San Diego skies. She loves spending time with her players, knowing that it’s the one-on-one relationships that differentiate Viejas from the competition. Suzane will always strive to provide the highest caliber of service to every one of her valued Guests. Suzanne loves spending time with her friends, playing games, reading, and shopping in her spare time.

Phone: 619.495.8860

Casino Host Carmela Guzetta

Carmela Guzetta

Executive Casino Host

Born and raised in Italy, Carmela speaks Italian and Spanish, and has been with Viejas since 2011. After dazzling our guests with her vibrant personality as a myViejas Ambassador and VIP Concierge, Carmela joined the Host team in 2016. In her spare time, she’s also an Esthetician and loves going to amusement parks with her family!

Phone: 619.659.5241

Katy Johnston

Katy Johnston

Executive Casino Host

Born in Texas, Katy was raised in San Diego and became a member of the Viejas family as a Greeter back in 2006. From there, she became a VIP Concierge and then transitioned quickly into a Casino Host. She also works part time as a Teacher’s Aide when she’s not providing first-class VIP treatment for our guests at Viejas. Katy loves the outdoors and spends her free time with family and friends running, hiking, riding her dirt bike, and occasionally taking a break from the action for a romantic comedy!

Phone: 619.659.5223

Rae Jupin Manager of Player Development

Rae Jupin

Executive Casino Host

Rae has lived in San Diego for nearly her whole life, though she was born in Texas where her dad was an instructor for the Air Force. She’s an SDSU alum with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, which—together with her extrovert nature—has helped her really get to know her Guests as a Casino Host. When she isn’t at Viejas, Rae enjoys spending time with her four beautiful grandkids, traveling, and piecing quilts. She lives in Alpine with her husband of more than forty years, and two ridiculous small dogs.

Phone: 619.659.5222

Kat Hopkins_web_1200x1200

Kat Hopkins

Executive Casino Host

Kat is enamored with having fun in the sun with her huge family. As a born and raised San Diegan, she loves being outdoors, either hiking, gardening, or doing water activities. Kat began her career in casino gaming back in 2015 as a Players Club Representative and quickly worked her way up to Lead VIP Host, where he was honored to specialize in new player development. Kat knows that her 7-year career in the casino industry has aided her in sharpening her client relation acumen. Kat truly enjoys horses and proudly states that she has spent her entire life around them. Equestrian sporting comes as second nature to her, and she not only breeds horses but also trains them. Kat lives in Southern San Diego with her seven horses, two goats, ten chickens, two dogs, and a loving family.

Phone: 619.415.6843

Johanna Karcher_web_1200x1200

Johanna Karcher

Executive Casino Host

Johanna was born and raised in Haleiwa, Hawaii, and moved to Southern California as a young girl. Johanna attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where she studied art history and painting. Her casino gaming industry career began in 2016 as a Club Host and quickly rose the ranks to become an Executive Host. Johanna joined Viejas Casino & Resort in 2021 and brought a successful track record in managing host-player relationships. In her spare time, Johanna loves spending time with her family, creating new baking recipes with her 9-year-old daughter Scarlett, gardening, and painting.

Phone: 619.502.0284

Host Ivonne Gil

Ivonne Lopez-Ramirez

Executive Casino Host

Ivonne’s personality makes her a natural for meeting new people, assisting them, and making lasting connections. Her casino career began as a player’s club Host and from there, went on to become an Executive Host. She is bilingual, fluently speaking and writing in both English and Spanish. But Ivonne isn’t stopping there. She is planning to continue her education and learn more languages. In her free time, you can find her snowboarding in the winter and spending summers at the beach.

Phone: 619.659.5230

Stivan Nissan Website 1200x1200 1

Stivan Nissan

Executive Casino Host

Say HELLO to Stivan Nissan!
Stivan’s background in gaming consists of multiple key positions leading up to his current role as Executive Host. Due to his sincere smile, genuine personality and ability to create memorable, shared experiences with this players, Stivan is well respected property wide. Stivan speaks three languages, English, Chaldean and Arabic. He pursued his degree in Business and Behavioral Science. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, going to the beach and sailing away on cruises..

Phone: 619.410.7384

Casino Host Luz Soto

Luz Ramirez

Executive Casino Host

Luz is another one of our longest-tenured team members, having started with Viejas back in 1995. Originally from Mexico, Luz is fluent in Spanish and enjoys making Viejas feel like home for our Spanish-speaking guests. She has four kids of her own and one grandchild. Every day at Viejas is an adventure for her and she loves meeting new faces and making new friends!

Phone: 619.659.5213

Bear Silvernagel Website3 1200x1200 1

Bear Silvernagel

Executive Casino Host

Bear Silvernagel is lucky to have been born and raised in San Diego. In 2020, during the COVID pandemic, Bear became a Viejas team member working as a Security Greeter and an infamous “temp checker” for all those that entered the casino. He was quickly promoted to work at the Viejas hotels as a Front Desk Representative. Due to his overwhelming success in each position and due to his incredible customer service skills, Bear was then given the opportunity to become a VIP Host in 2022. As a VIP Host, Bear truly found his calling and made his mark in Player Development. He immediately became a guest favorite which led him to make his next move into the coveted role where he is now proudly working as an Executive Host. In Bear’s spare time, he loves traveling, cooking, gaming, and relaxing with his close friends and beloved cat Taby! Bear's favorite part of his day hosting at Viejas is being able to go above and beyond for the players and making sure they feel valued as an important member of the Viejas Players Club. Be sure to find Bear during your next visit. He is certain to make you smile.

Phone: 619.407.0590

Executive Host Risa Stautz

Risa Stautz

Executive Casino Host

Risa has been with Viejas since the early days, starting in 1998 as a Table Games Pit Clerk. She quickly found her passion for working with guests, joining our guest relations team as a Hospitality Representative and then Hospitality Supervisor. From there, she joined the Host team and found her dream job! Since 2001, Risa has been a friendly face greeting our VIPs, and says that the best part of her day is the time she gets to spend on the casino floor with our guests.

Phone: 619.659.2498

Jessica Nantz

Jessica Nantz

Director Player Development

Native to Northern California, Jessica moved to Southern California in 2001 and joined the gaming industry in 2003. She started as a Front Desk Agent/Concierge and quickly grew into a Hotel Supervisor role. After eight years in hospitality, she moved onto the thrilling casino floor to start her hosting career. Jessica started as a Club Host when she again was quickly promoted to a VIP Host. She then was promoted once more to VIP Host Supervisor and later as an Executive Host. Jessica has loved serving in various customer service-related positions throughout the years where she has cherished meeting the most wonderful people. Jessica has been happily married for nineteen years and enjoys gardening, outdoor activities, and spending time with her three sons.

Phone: 619.495.0871

Viejas Casino Hosts are available to assist you 24 hours a day!

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