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The decision to come to Viejas Casino & Resort was made in our apartment. A group of friends had gathered to see each other and do something unexpected and fun. We went around the room throwing places back and forth…movies…mini golf…bowling, all met with a collective yawn. Suddenly someone yelled out—let’s go to Viejas!

At first, everyone just smiled and stayed quiet. Someone finally chimed in saying Viejas, that sounds like fun! And like that, we made our decision.

The drive to Viejas Casino & Resort was quick and safe, just a 25-minute drive from our apartment in Golden Hill. On the ride over, packed tight inside our large SUV, we decided to start the night with some drinks.  We pulled up and saw they had some signature drinks. We read a couple and immediately knew what we wanted.

A quick call to Baron Long Bar & Grill and we had a table waiting for us. We told Baron Long we were quite the group, and the voice on the other end of the line just said—great we can’t wait to meet you all.

After one of the most amazing meals at Baron Long, we decided the first game we wanted to play was Craps. Some of us had played it in Las Vegas but never knew it existed here in San Diego. During the dessert, we looked online to find the rules for playing. The Craps at Viejas isn’t exactly like the one found in Vegas, so we wanted to know how to play to win some money. Here’s what we found:

Baron long drinks


craps at viejas

Las Vegas Inspired Craps is here in San Diego, and the best is at Viejas. If you’re new to the game of craps, here’s a quick tutorial on one of the most fun games on the casino floor.

1. The game of craps has dozens of wagers available but is structured around the PASS LINE bet. If you’re looking down on the craps table, it’s normally the area of the table closest to you, the player.

2. If you’re ready to start playing, the Stickman will randomly shuffle six playing cards (Ace through Six). The Stickman will then place those cards randomly on the table under sections assigned to the faces of the die (one through six).

3. You’ll bet by placing chips on the PASS LINE on the craps layout. Don’t worry if you can’t reach some areas of the table, just inform the dealers and they will move your chips.

4. Officially, the game starts with a COME-OUT roll as the shooter rolls the dice.

a. VIEJAS TIP: Don’t feel like you need to roll the dice hard into the walls of the table. Luckily, the craps tables have been designed to let the dice roll perfectly on the felt. So roll the dice naturally and smoothly.

5. In Vegas Inspired Crap, your roll is equivalent to the cards matching your number seen on the table.

Craps cards viejas

a. FOR EXAMPLE: You roll a four on one of the die.
craps dice 4

b. and the other die has a five showing. 

craps dice 5

c. Normally you’d think you’ve rolled a nine. But now you have to look at the playing cards under the Stickman to see your TRUE ROLL.

d. The 4 on the die has a 5 of Spades under it

5 craps card

e. and the 5 on the die has the Ace of Spades under it.

ace Craps card

f. This means your TRUE ROLL is a 6 (because 5+1=6).

6. On the COME-OUT roll, if you roll a 7 or 11—YOU WIN! If you roll a 2, 3, or 12—you lose. Any other number rolled becomes the POINT.

a. The POINT opens the table if you rolled a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10.

7. If you rolled a point number on the COME-OUT, you get to keep rolling until you roll the same number again and WIN, or roll a 7 and lose.

We paid our bill and took to the gaming floor. We felt like the group from Oceans Eleven, ready to take on the house. Our dealers at the Craps table were so much fun and patient with us novices.
Yes, we could learn about Craps online, but nothing was better than getting tips and tricks from Viejas dealers. Look, we got it—to some beginners of casino gaming, craps can be intimidating, but it truly shouldn’t be. It’s one of the best games on the floor to play with friends while having a delicious Viejas cocktail. There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a pair of dice, throwing them out on the table, and winning big!

By the night’s end, most of us had a ton of chips, empty cocktail glasses, and amazing memories. Thank you Viejas!