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The best casino in San Diego for people 21 years old and over has to be Viejas Casino & Resort. And I know this firsthand because I recently turned 21 and drove the safe drive on the 8-freeway straight to Alpine, California

I wanted to come to Viejas for my 21st for so many reasons, but once I got there, it made me realize that this truly is an adult playground. I’m the youngest of my friends so I was the final one to turn legal. So when my group of buds asked me where I wanted to go, obviously I said—Viejas!

We left our apartment in Pacific Beach and it only took us around 25 minutes to get to Viejas. Since we were all of age, we quickly verified our ages at the door, with our drivers license, and proceeded to the Center Bar.


The rockstar mixologists at Viejas treated us like royalty, especially when my group told them it was my 21st birthday. They immediately recommended a couple of drinks, including the monthly Signature Cocktail, which at that time was the Hennessey Kool Aid. Of course, I ordered one. I have to say this cocktail was one of the best I’ve ever tried. It was sour, it was sweet, it was…perfect!


We all played for a couple of hours and stood up with hundreds in winnings! We had reservations for the best restaurant in San Diego, Baron Long Bar & Grill. So I took my chips and headed for our dining adventure.

Let me tell you that the burger I had at Baron Long Bar & Grill was amazing! The Baron Burger had an all-beef patty with pastrami on top. Are you kidding me? It was beyond good and paired with a crisp local lager, it was one of the best dinners I’ve ever had.

After our delicious meal, we went back to the gaming floor. My crew had to play some fun slot machines and we had a blast. I stood there hitting win after win and then suddenly, the machine lit up and I hit a jackpot!

I didn’t even know what to do. The lights were going, I was getting high-fived, and boom, I had a big Viejas win. This night was turning out to be epic!

I’ll be honest, turning 21 years old had me a little stressed out. I mean, now I’m an official legal adult, right? But thanks to Viejas Casino & Resort, they turned my birthday into a night to never forget. 

I know to play Bingo you have to be 18 years old and people of all ages can visit the Viejas Outlets across the street. But being a mature 21 year old, and knowing Viejas is here for me and my friends makes me extremely happy and excited to visit San Diego’s luxury gaming destination next year on my 22nd birthday. 

Viejas is the best casino in San Diego for everyone aged 21 years old or older! 

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